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Akzo Nobel Jodanlæg

Your compagnies new partner! Products and solutions!


In co-operate with our customers, we - together finds the Ideal solution for the Project.
Through the last 2 century we have developed experience with producing manufacturing industry of processing plants. We have delivered processing plants machinery, conveyer systems, receptables, tank,banister etc. We also offers our experience for montage, and service, and maintenance for our customers equipment.
Together with our customer and their project department, we offer also total Solution from Idea` to the End of the Project. Management, resourses

Danaflex Design Industry is an factory who develope and design products who meets the requirement and qualifications on demand.
Our experience and know how with excact projects for large Indutrycompagnies, as Akzo Nobel Salt, Danlind, SCA Packaging, Hedegaard Foods and several more.
If You choise Danaflex Design Industry as-  Your partner- Your compagny will have - us as a compagnionship, to deliver and produce solid solutions and best of qvality handwork.
  • Sædager Mejeri: Made some processing maschine for making Fetaost.
  • Hedegaard Foods: Eggproduct.Made some processing maschine for making special eggmaterial.
  • Akzo Nobel Salt: Saltfabrication.
  • Made some processing maschine owen  for making  Gourmetsalt.
  • Iodine-machine for food- salt,Makes the salt iodic.
  • Danlind, Soap IndustrY: stainless steel conveyer snail system, buffertank  incl.top with resolution Integrated systems. 

Iodine- machine special designed for  for Akzo Nobel Salt A/S


Hedegaard Foods: Eggproduct.Made some processing maschine for making special eggmaterial


produktionsanlæg- buffertank yil æggemasse, med tilhørende repos og trappe udført i rustfri stålBuffertank produced for special eggmaterial with repos, footbridge  and stairs all produced in stainless steel


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