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Poul Larsen



In the year of 1992 the entrepreneur and process of development Poul Larsen started his compagny Danaflex Design Industri. Since that time the compagny has developed experience to the branch of locksmith and specialising with work  of stainless steel and other metal such as aluminium. The compagny began in a farm estate in the area of  Mariager, we have from this factory done a lot of service and producing for both small and big factories in the area of our compagny.

 A close compagnionship with our customers and our experience of quality by locksmith, has always been the crux of the matter in our business - which has given us a wide and stable of customers.


In 2008  Danaflex Design Industri  moved into a new building and factory- Bornholmsvej 1, Hobro. Today and in the future we will make all the processes , services and producing for our customers. Our modern facilyties incluse factory, office and a shop with interiuer for the home and a gallery with art.

   In   the beginning of  2010 the compagny became a part of the bussinnes network Djurs Wind Power in Grenaa. This network are made as a compagnionship for a group of industry factories, and service compagnies and hotels etc. who has the upcoming Anholt  SeaMill Park offers their know how to.

 In the year of 2011 Our compagny will establish another part of factory in Grenaa, where we can make some lochsmit, service and what ever we can do in the future for industry of windpower, Biofuel , transportation, and shipping.

 Poul Larsen

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