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Processing for repos/ floors between several storied buildings or fundaments- etc. , footbridge with lattice work, stairs and steps and banister.

Wind Power :

Dong Energys ship in Grenaa Havn august 2010 at the reception for the new harbour part.In the year 2011-2013 there will be established a Seamill park at Kattegat beteween Anholt Island and Grenaa. Danaflex Design Industri is a part of network compagnies Djurs Wind Power, which all of us, will be a part of the service network from the place at Grenaa Harbour. 
Anholt Seamill Park

Danaflex Design Industry will therefore in the spring 2011 established a factory working station with locksmit and office on Grenaa havn.
We can offers :
Locksmit work and montage in stainless steel, steel and aluminium,
We also can offer You service and repair of Your projects as you need. 
contact Poul Larsen  Mobile: +45 40303212


 Look at the network Djurs Wind Power Click here:


 The picture is - Dong Energys ship in Grenaa Harbour august 2010 at the reception for the new harbour part.



 Baandlev Biogas -  we have made some pipelines systems for transportation of farm yard manure and organic material into biochemimistry fuell. Biofuell is  CO2-neutral. http://www.baanlev.dk/


Conveyer systems:  Aalborg ZOO- making conveyer systems to the manure removal from the elephant at there house in the zoo.




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